Wan Pin Chu乃於國際屢獲殊榮的香港二胡家,Ritzy中國音樂部於他的監督下由技藝精湛的中國著名演奏家組成。我們於不同場合作民族獨奏或合奏表演,並提供任何類型的中國音樂製作及整理。總監Wan Pin Chu也可以為你的項目提供有關中國音樂的專業意見。

Under the supervision of the Director of our Chinese Music Division, Wan Pin Chu, an international award-winning Erhuist from Hong Kong, Ritzy Chinese Music comprises a group of renowned Chinese virtuosi. Our service includes giving ethnic solo or ensemble performances for different occasions, providing Chinese virtuosi for any type of music production and arrangement of Chinese music. Our director can also give you advice and ideas for your project involving Chinese music.