Thousand Years | Christina Perri (Ritzy Live Cover)

Taken from the album The Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn Original Sound Track, “A Thousand Years” written and sung by Christina Perri is one of the most played love songs in recent years. Presented by Ritzy Live, a trio featuring Cindy Yeun, Stephanie Chan and Joyce Cheung, this cover is a refreshing acoustic version of the original.

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畢生難忘的結婚周年驚喜 | 老公聘 Ritzy Band 送上「如果這是情」



Ellen 和 Edmond 結了婚二十五年。
有人話,每對情侶都總有一首歌能代表他們的關係,而Ellen 和Edmond 嘅主題曲就係「如果這是情」。
Edmond 找來了Ritzy Live 重新編曲和演繹,為太太 Ellen 送上滿載心思的驚喜!

百姓 | 吳業坤 Ritzy Live Cover


呢首歌亦都觸動到好多音樂人嘅心,所以我地決定首歌重新編曲,希望再一次引起大家對呢首只有「真 • 香港人」先聽得明嘅一首廣東歌。


A Lover’s Concerto The Toys | Ritzy Live Cover feat. Janice Lau

The Minuet in G, found in Bach’s 1725 notebook for her second wife, is one of the best known classical melodies. Out of the many rearrangements of this melody over the years, “A Lover’s Concerto”, recorded by The Toys in 1965 was the most popular version of its time. Written by American songwriters Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell, the lyrics and the new instrumentation work seamlessly with the originally melody. Today, Ritzy Live has once again done a rearrangement on this classic, featuring our talented singer Janice Lau and members of our Ritzy Strings. 

Singer: Janice Lau

Piano: Joyce Cheung
1st Violin: Allison Kwok
2nd Violin: Grace Wong
Viola: Angel Chiu
Cello: Joyce Cheung

Arranged by Joyce Cheung

Company Justin Bieber | Ritzy Live feat. Kiri Tse Cover

You know you’re lucky when your car runs out of music, and you happen to have Kiri Tse on board! Buckle up for Kiri’s cover on Company by Justin Bieber!

揸車無油搵油站,無歌搵 Kiri!
Company Justin Bieber | Ritzy Live Cover feat. Kiri Tse