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Thousand Years | Christina Perri (Ritzy Live Cover)

Taken from the album The Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn Original Sound Track, “A Thousand Years” written and sung by Christina Perri is one of the most played love songs in recent years. Presented by Ritzy Live, a trio featuring Cindy Yeun, Stephanie Chan and Joyce Cheung, this cover is a refreshing acoustic version of […]

畢生難忘的結婚周年驚喜 | 老公聘 Ritzy Band 送上「如果這是情」

以為只是例牌結婚周年燭光晚餐,殊不知驚喜才剛剛開始!超感動! 相信唔少男仕都會喺一啲紀念日比如情人節、拍拖或結婚周年等,花少少錢買份禮物氹吓另一半開心。比較常見嘅可能係首飾丶銀包丶手袋等,有啲比較有心思嘅可能會安排一頓燭光晚餐,又或者係去一趟旅行。不過大家又有無諗過一首短短幾分鐘嘅歌,可能比物質嘅嘢更能感動對方,甚至勾起一啲大家在愛情路上嘅美麗回憶呢? Ellen 和 Edmond 結了婚二十五年。 有人話,每對情侶都總有一首歌能代表他們的關係,而Ellen 和Edmond 嘅主題曲就係「如果這是情」。 Edmond 找來了Ritzy Live 重新編曲和演繹,為太太 Ellen 送上滿載心思的驚喜!

SCMP on Joyce Cheung

Our pianist/ composer Joyce Cheung was featured on June’s  SCMP. Have a read and see why we still make music, although it is anything but easy in Hong Kong. Also check out our live jamming session on SCMP Lifestyle Facebook Page!