A Lover’s Concerto The Toys | Ritzy Live Cover feat. Janice Lau

The Minuet in G, found in Bach’s 1725 notebook for her second wife, is one of the best known classical melodies. Out of the many rearrangements of this melody over the years, “A Lover’s Concerto”, recorded by The Toys in 1965 was the most popular version of its time. Written by American songwriters Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell, the lyrics and the new instrumentation work seamlessly with the originally melody. Today, Ritzy Live has once again done a rearrangement on this classic, featuring our talented singer Janice Lau and members of our Ritzy Strings. 

Singer: Janice Lau

Piano: Joyce Cheung
1st Violin: Allison Kwok
2nd Violin: Grace Wong
Viola: Angel Chiu
Cello: Joyce Cheung

Arranged by Joyce Cheung

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